[Aim to be a manager!] At Ministop, you can learn as a contract employee expected to go independent!

Did you know that at the major chain Ministop, which has posted many job listings on ConveniZ, is actively recruiting people who want to go into business independently as well?


As a “combo store” that combines the convenience store with fast food, customers can eat soft serve ice cream and snacks as they relax at the in-store eat-in corner. With the popularity of this space, Ministop has increased locations nationwide. Ministop has maintained stable business as a member of Aeon Group, one of Japan’s leading distribution companies.


In the past, becoming an independent manager of a convenience store required a large amount of money and manpower. That is why Ministop has started the Independent Contract Employee Internship System. Provided your aim is to do business independently, this system lets you learn convenience store management as a contract employee for a maximum of half a year. Polish your skills as a manager, from basic customer service and merchandise display to training part time staff. Perhaps the biggest feature is that you can even start a business alone.


Since you are a contract employee, a fixed salary will be paid during the course of your study. Saving money from this income allows you to prepare steadily for your independence. Furthermore, there is the “Independence Incentive”, a paid benefit of ¥1,800,000.


This could be a big leap forward for those who are interested in working at a convenience store and in working as a manager in the future!