[We asked our Vietnamese staff!] You can learn more Japanese at the convenience store than at school!?

ConveniZ is viewed by many exchange students in Japan. That is why we asked foreign staff members working at Japanese convenience stores for their stories!


Nguyen (22), working at a convenience store in Toshima Ward, Tokyo, is from Hanoi, Vietnam. She came to Japan in 2014 to learn law and IT business at a vocational school. She has passed the Japanese Language Proficiency Test N3.

Nguyen thought about starting a part-time job from the beginning of her stay in Japan. She thinks that, “Convenience stores, where you can see a variety of products as you interact with customers, is great for studying Japanese!” Could it be that actually working is even better for studying Japanese than attending a language school?


The store where Nguyen works was new, and as such she was able to learn her work thoroughly with the training prior to opening. She told us, “Everyone, from the store manager to the staff, taught me kindly and patiently, so it was fun to work.”


Still, it can be a struggle working part-time in Japan when you’re not used to it. Next time, we’ll hear about the struggles she experienced when she just started work at the convenience store!