Ministop Web Interviews: Changing the Perception that “Interview Preparation is Tough”!

A thorough explanation of Ministop Web Interviews:~ Changing perceptions of what an interview is!


Hello! This is the special convenience store recruiting site ConveniZ.


Perhaps this is a sudden question, but what comes to mind when asked what to prepare for an interview? Prepare your resume. Write it out neatly with no mistakes. Make sure you arrive at the shop at the set interview time.


When you actually try it out, preparing for an interview can be tougher than you think. Despite this, just because you had an interview doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get the job. It’s hard preparing your resume over and over again.


That is why some Ministop locations have started web interviews, where you can take an interview at home using a smartphone or PC! The Interview Maker (iM) application provides an easy and convenient transition from application to interview.


Some of the Ministop locations listed on ConveniZ also have web

interviews available. On the recruitment page of the corresponding location, you can find the “Book a Web Interview” button in addition to the “Apply for This Job (Normal Web Application)” and “Apply by Telephone” buttons.


You can start easily just by registering your email address, so if you’re looking for work at a convenience store, give it a try!