Call when You Want: Family Mart’s “Application Center”

■ Someone will always be available, so you can put your mind at ease: Family Mart Application Center


You discover an appealing job listing that matches the conditions you are looking for in a part-time job! This is where you want to work!


At a time like this, how would you apply? Recently, many employers accept online applications or email applications, but aren’t there plenty of people who would rather apply by phone, talking directly with someone and deciding the interview date then and there?


However, when applying by phone, you might not always be able to get through to the hiring manager immediately. Maybe they’re not there, or it’s a busy time; it’s difficult for the caller to consider all these.


That is why Family Mart receives all its part-time job applications at a specialized call center that lets you call with peace of mind. The business hours are 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM every day except on New Year. Even weekends and bank holidays have the same business hours.


Because staff specializing in accepting applications are waiting on the other line, if you call within the abovementioned business hours, you will almost certainly get through (you may not be able to get through when the lines are busy).


Those who find speaking to someone at the store a little intimidating may find speaking with a specialist over the phone easier.


They handle inquiries regarding applications with care, so please contact them if there is a job listing you are interested in!


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