Work at Headquarters: Conducting Interviews in Conjunction with Supervisors Nationwide!

■ Work at Headquarters: Interviews conducted in conjunction with supervisors nationwide


Hello! This is D-Round, the company that runs “GASMAN Job.”


At our company, we do business called “contract management of gasoline stands.” We are entrusted with the management of gasoline stand locations all over the nation within a fixed time period. Because of this, we recruit staff who’ll work at these locations nationwide.


At our headquarters in Tokyo, we arrange interview dates, contact supervisors in each region, and confirm the results of the interviews on a daily basis in order to promote a smooth interview and entry process for applicants.


Usually, when interviewing people who wish to work at one of our trustee’s locations, the supervisor in each region visits the neighborhood of the location. If there is miscommunication or a mix-up with the applicant, there might be trouble on the day of the interview.


To prevent this situation, our headquarters staff focuses on maintaining daily communication.


Those who think, “I’d like to work at D-Round,” if there is anything unclear regarding applications or job descriptions, please feel free to contact us!